NEXT PROVIDENT LIVING WORKSHOP will be held on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 7p.m. at the Stake Center.

NEXT HOME STORAGE CENTER (DRY PACK CANNERY) OPPORTUNITY is Thursday, October 25, 2012 from from 4:00p.m.-8:00p.m. 615 East 8400 South - To download an order form, click HERE.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Save the Date! CERT Multi-Jurisdictional Event

September 20, 2014
CERT Multi-Jurisdictional Event
Herriman, Utah
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
More information will be coming soon!!

What is CERT Training?
Community Emergency Response Training

You can add your information to our database by filling out the form here.
For more information contact:
Sandy City Fire Department - CERT Unit
 These classes are FREE to Sandy City Residents thru a grant.  Please take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this FREE service. 

P.S. You'll get free CPR classes for LIFE! Bonus!!!!

If you have questions, please contact:
Lenore Corey
Fire & Life Safety Specialist
Sandy City Fire Department
9010 S. 150 E.
Sandy, UT  84070

Natural Gas

Natural Gas!

Steve Padley recently made a presentation at the Sandy Citizen Council Meeting.  Steve is in charge of Safety and Training Division at Questar Gas.  I thought I'd pass along a few things I learned at the meeting:

Natural Gas should have a blue flame.  If it turns to yellow, it becomes dangerous.  Something to do with the oxygen ratio or something like that.  I don't remember the chemistry behind it, just remember, if it is yellow, it is dangerous and should be turned off. 

If a flame is cooled, it leaves the black soot on the bottom of your pans.  If the flame is healthy, that shouldn't happen.

The sharper, crisper and bluer the flame is, the better and safer the gas is.  Gass is combustible at a radio of 10:1 gas to oxygen and if that is off, then your burners need adjusting because you are in danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Do you know where your gas meter is for your house?  Do you know how to turn off your gas in the event of a major earthquake?  Do you know how to know when you're in danger? 

A few answers that I learned:

Your gas meter is generally located outside your home.  There is a bolt on it and you can get a tool that will turn it off, but a pair of adjustable pliers will generally do the trick.

You only want to turn your gas off at the meter if you smell gas, hear a leak, if there is a fire or you can tell there has been major structural damage done to the home. 

To turn off your gas at your meter could jeopardize your safety.  It also may take weeks to get your gas turned back on.  Most plumbers, electricians, heating contractors or construction companies will NOT turn your gas back on for you at your meter because of the risk of an explosion  And you should NEVER turn your meter back on yourself. Turning the gas on at the meter is VERY dangerous!  ONLY a properly trained Questar Gas employee can turn your meter back on safely after testing your home. And since there aren't very many of them, if everyone has turned their meter off, it may take them weeks to get to your house. This could be particularly dangerous if it is cold outside and you need natural gas for heat. 

If there IS damage.  You turn your meter off by turning the valve a 1/4 turn either direction.  No more, no less. 

For more information, visit:  questargas.com or call 1-800-767-1689 if you have questions about your natural gas. 

Save the Date! Family Preparedness Expo

Save the Date!

Family Preparedness Expo 
Presented by Sandy City
Oct 10th 
The Fellowship Church
610 E. Sego Lily Dr. (9800 So.).  

There will be displays, demonstrations and a variety of preparedness items there to purchase.  We hope you will put this date on your calendar.  We don't have the times yet, but will post them when they become available. 

I'm hoping the cardboard toilets are going to be there.  I was sorry I didn't buy one of those last time around! :)

United Way 2-1-1 and what it means to you

I recently attended a Sandy Citizen Council Meeting.  The majority of our stake is located within Sandy. Ken Kraudy use to be the SAndy City Emergency Manager and he was the guest speaker.  He is now with the United Way Organization and he gave a very informative presentation on the 2-1-1 service offered by the United Way and what it means to you.

Below is a video and a brief overview of this service.

Every hour of every day, hundreds of people need essential human services - they are looking for training, employment, food pantries, help for an aging parent, addiction prevention programs for their teenage children, affordable housing options, support groups and ways of becoming part of their community. 2-1-1 allows people to give help and to get help.
United Way 2-1-1 Information and Referral is a statewide service of United Way of Salt Lake. 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember information and referral telephone number that people dial to get connected and get answers. 2-1-1 connects people to important health, human, and community service programs including: emergency food pantries, rental assistance, public health clinics, child care resources, support groups, legal aid, and a variety of nonprofit and government agencies. Individuals, families, and corporate and religious groups can also dial 2-1-1 to get connected to meaningful volunteer opportunities.
The 2-1-1 phone number is easily accessed by any phone and calls are free and confidential. Trained Information Specialists assess situations, make appropriate referrals, and monitor the needs of our communities. Interpreters are available in 170 languages. In 2011, more than 115,000 Utahns called United Way 2-1-1 seeking assistance.

More information can be found on their website: 211ut.org

God knows us, knows what we need. 
He is involved in our everyday lives!
All About Preparedness

Our Daughter, Cami Carlson, got called to serve a mission in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission.  She gets to Virginia and they send her to Nags Head No. Carolina to a city called Kill Devil Hills.  She gets a companion named Amber Garvin who's mom is amazing and manages 8 blogs; one of which is on Preparedness.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Our new High Councilman in the stake, my husband, Steve Carlson and I had the opportunity to speak on preparedness today in Sacrament Meeting for High Council Sunday in the Sandy Midvalley Stake and I was able to get some information off this awesome blog to share with the good people of the 1st Ward. 

I thought it was so good, I thought I'd share the link:

Did anyone else get this message in your email in-box?  I thought it was junk mail so I deleted it until I started seeing Facebook posts on Pioneer Day about how many relatives others had who were pioneers.  I went back and resurrected the email out of my deleted box and found on the attachment that I had 6 lines of relatives in different companies. 

I guess they take your genealogy and cross reference it to the names of the hand cart companies and suddenly, you have access to all the stories of each of the companies.  I know this isn't Provident Living related, but I thought it was awesome enough that I should share it in case others didn't receive it and find it helpful.

From: FamilySearch [mailto:email@familysearch.ldschurch.org] Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 8:45 AM
Subject: LDS Church members can now receive personal accounts at no cost on Ancestry.com, findmypast.com, and MyHeritage.com
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FamilySearch Announcement
June 2014

We’re excited to announce that Latter-day Saint users of FamilySearch.org can now receive personal access to Ancestry.com, findmypast, and MyHeritage at no cost!
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Starting today, you can sign up for personal accounts with all three sites and use the features of each in searching for ancestors. In the future, you will be able to connect data between your FamilySearch Family Tree and the online trees of each of these websites. In addition, you will be able to submit names for temple ordinances starting with each of these websites. More information concerning online tree integration and temple submissions will be available by the end of 2014.
To sign up for your personal accounts:
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Ancestry.com Logo

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The FamilySearch Team
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First Aid Kits!

We should always be prepared and carry a First Aid Kit with is while away from home, on vacation and wherever it is feasible.  Here's a link to some GREAT First Aid Kit ideas as well as a video. 


Thanks to Terry Stroud who provided this resource.  If you go a ways down in the blog post, it has a  link that you can click on to print a list and also order forms.  I don't know if you can still order from them as they are dated, but I went thru the list and found that I had many of these things in my home and I actually had duplicates, so I assembled them in to a zip lock bag and plan to travel with it in the future.  I really didn't take that much room and I know I'll feel so much better about being prepared.